An italian dream
enclosed in a leather bag

We are born artisans from families of artisans, handing down the secrets to create the highest quality products to get to our customers a unique sensation.

Monrob is a brand of luxury leather goods born and made in Italy.

Thanks to his strong identity, characterized by contemporary languages and Italian heritage, Monrob wants to make the difference by creating collections made according to the client’s style.

Chic, confortable and feminine, Monrob bags are made to elevate your every-day look. After 20 years of experience gained with the big fashion brands, entrepreneur Roberto and creative Maria Chiara have established their know-how in the leather sector and founded Monrob to enhance the manufacturing heritage of the great Italian artisans.

Thriving on the fundamental values of craftsmanship and using high quality sourced materials, each collection offers endless evolution of fashion statements.